The Kraken Busters

THE KRAKEN BUSTERS is a new podcast project I have going, telling the story of the somehow-mostly-forgotten conflict between the United States and an ocean full of angry sea monsters just after World War 2.

If you like Mike Duncan and Dan Carlin but wish their work had more giant squids and octopi, well, this is the show for you.

New episodes come out weekly. You can find the show at all of the usual podcast outlets, or stream it directly from the site.

2 thoughts on “The Kraken Busters

  1. I love this podcast but am very frustrated that you just left things by saying find me on Twitter. Not only do I barely use Twitter, you didn’t even say your name! I certainly want to be in the loop for the Atlantic part of the story – I am on the East Coast.

    1. Hi, Katherine,

      Just seeing this now, and yeah, you make a fair point about the limitations of the twitter-as-main-means-of-communication route. The good news is that for any big news about the show, I’d also release a short audio update to the podcast feed, so anything that’s important would come through there. Probably with less theatrical whining on my part about the agony of creative work etc. Glad you dug the show!

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