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The Kraken Busters- now in (experimental) comic form!

So you’ve probably heard me talk about the book I wrote about the US Navy fighting sea monsters in the 1940s, and then the subsequent podcast adaptation that I did of it. Well, I have a terminal case of Cartoonist Brain, so with a story like that sloshing around in my head, it was inevitable that O’d start getting ideas about different ways that it could be presented visually. And this started to drive me nuts.

And then, inevitably: I sat down to give it a shot. So here is Episode 1 of a notional Kraken Busters comic, trying out some visual ideas and also leaning into some cartooning techniques I’ve never tried before. This might be a one-off, or it might be the start of a massive ongoing project to adapt the whole thing; if you dig it, please let me know, because that could help determine which way this goes (same thing, I guess, if you really think it sucks!).

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